French eyewear

French eyewear: The Henry Jullien collections

Discover the French eyewear collections by the French manufacturer,Henry Jullien, a leading name and a standard of of excellence in French eyewear, since its creation in 1921. The outstanding quality and elegant style of Henry Jullien eyeglasses demonstrate the brand's expertise in creating frames that offer comfort, durability and highlight the face of the wearer.

The French frames manufacturer designs collections offering a range of style, from its classic signature style to contemporary style models, at the height of fashion, created using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies with perfect results.

Refinement, quality and personality describe Henry Jullien's gold-filled frames, among the first French eyewear models to win international recognition for the company. With almost 90 years of experience, Henry Jullien has perfected the 19th century technique of manufacturing laminated gold-filled frames that preserves the purity of the gold, offering protection against allergies and corrosion with long-lasting radiance.


French Eyewear Frames : Luxury for the eyes

The Jewellery collection demonstrates the full extent of French eyewear expertise where frames are set with precious stones with the precision and skill of a master jeweller. A certificate of authenticity is delivered with a jewelled eyeglass frame.

Henry Jullien also creates talior-made eyewear, made-to measure frames that adapt perfectly to an individual facial shape, a unique, personalised product with maximum comfort.

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C'Eyes - N°1850  - Couv
C'Eyes - N°1850 - Inside 01
C'Eyes - N°1850 - Inside 02
2020 - Octobre/Novembre - Couv
2020 - Octobre/Novembre - Inside
2020 - Septembre - Couv
2020 - Septembre - Inside 01
2020 - Septembre - Inside 02
Marie France - N°173 - Couv
Marie France - N°173 - Inside 01
Marie France - N°173 - Inside 02
L'essentiel de l'Optique - N°116 - Couv
L'essentiel de l'Optique - N°116 - Inside 01
L'essentiel de l'Optique - N°116 - Inside 02

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